Cliff is a published Author with a big influence, among many others being the influence among many professionals. This has enabled him to write two books as a summary of his trainings. Among the most notable things is the practicality,  applicability and the relevance of these books in an African context. The wealth of this knowledge as well as the experience coaching and training around Africa, has been one of the biggest push factors that has created the need for specialized consultancy coaching and training for more small and medium enterprises.

The books are available on as well as in hard copy by directly purchasing from the website. These books have created impact or vary over very large populations.Thus making Cliff an authoritative voice to speak to entrepreneurs, start-up managers and anybody else who deserves to make an economic impact to their societies. These books have been purchased by the National Government departments,Constituency Development Funds, County Government offices,Members of County Assemblies, Non-governmental organizations, training institutions, churches and many other community based organizations.