Among our clients are colleges and educational institutions. Over the past couple of years it has been very heartbreaking to realize that many Africans are graduating from college and ending up jobless. This could be as a result of an economic recession that is temporary, but it could also be a symptom of a bigger cancer and why Africa is importing everything.

By having colleges as our targets we are creating an opportunity to people coming out of colleges to think big and to think wide about the employment options. The absorption rate from college into the formal employment market in Kenya is 30%. This means that for every ten people who graduate only 3 will end up in a formal job. This is such a sad state of affairs that makes the youth of our country desperate, discouraged and very demoralized.

Our interventions help us to go to colleges and institutions of higher learning to be able to talk to these people and teach them on ways they can be able to create employment for themselves and for others, by taking advantage of skills that they have been trained to have as well as some we can train them on. Among the colleges that we have made serious in route include JKUAT, UON, Zetech College and Africa Nazarene University. We have a program with United States International University where we will be training young people to identify economic gaps that mean opportunity and thus take advantage and create employment for themselves.