Cliff Mwenja is a speaker, author and a transformational business coach who is committed to creating employment opportunity for youths across Africa, by using the skills they already have to leverage on globalization as well as the industrialization in Africa. We are about jobs, we are about employment, we are about skills,we are about skills development. Our focus mainly is on the role that Africa will play in the 21st century in the growth of the world. We believe in the beauty of Africa ,we believe in the resources of Africa, we believe in the potential of African youth in changing the way the world works over the next few decades.

Africa has some of the greatest natural resources, but that is nothing compared to the potential of the young population. By leveraging on the youth, Africa will enjoy advantage in areas such as manufacturing, service industry, creativity and the arts. These can be big sources of finances when applied with the right knowledge.

Our training and mentor-ship program is mainly geared toward elimination of poverty in Africa starting with Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. This way we are able to change Africa one nation at a time and one person at a time. Our services are mostly geared towards groups for leverage’s sake. By training groups we are able to cut the cost of individual training and thus give a maximum and optimum impact against the original cost of the training. Our focus is on training groups of about 20 and above who are either sponsored or self sponsored.

By passing on skills that will fasten and speed up the industrialization of Africa, we believe that we are helping our motherland overcome poverty and slay the dragon of bad governance in the region. We believe that by exposing our young people to online and offline opportunities, we will be able to give them a good head-start that will empower them to be better parents to the incoming generations of Africa.

We look forward to a time when Africa and Africans will be the super powers in financial independence, as they are now in natural resources. The difference between being economic super powers and potential superpowers, is in the implementation of wealth generating ideas. Our coaching is aimed at filling this gap. Africa is endowed with talent. Africa is endowed with a huge and vibrant young population. Africa is endowed with minerals and natural resources. What remains is the endowment of ideas. By pursuing this vision passionately we are confident that we will change the face and the narrative of Africa.