There are many things that young people can do offline to create opportunities for themselves. These things do not have to be complicated, sophisticated or requiring highly technical technology to be implemented. They are simple business ideas that any youth can engage in at basic education level and finds success. In the mentorship and coaching program we have shows and programs to train employees on how to make things like soap, biodiesel, process and not just grow vegetables or fruits, you name it.

Among many other things we also teach on how to recycle mabati, nuts, bolts and metallic objects to make useful items that can be resold at a profit. As you have noticed most of our training focuses on manufacturing, processing primary production, as well as the service industry. This means that we are able to train our young people on how to create a business based on things that they already probably know and teach them on how we can turn all that into money.

Manufacturing is a tricky process, but all the same it can be achieved through a concerted effort and strategic growth from the word go. This means that to start a factory for example, making biodiesel you don’t need to have millions of shillings. You can start with as little as Kshs20,000 and scale up using the profit. These are some of the things that we present to young people as alternatives to give them success in the things that they are attempting to do.

The levels of frustration in this country for young people are soaring higher and higher and we have to have these interventions if we really value our young people and by extension the future of Kenya and the future of Africa.