There are many things that young people can do offline, but they are also a few things here and there that people can do online and create employment and gain full income for themselves. Online entrepreneurship does not have to be risky or necessarily expensive. On the contrary all entrepreneurship should be one of the easiest modes of investment.

This is because entrepreneurs are leveraging on skills, resources, assets, technology and many other business fragments of other people. Our program focuses on how we can leverage on companies like Facebook, Twitter,Amazon,Alibaba,Aliexpress and many other multinational companies to achieve income from Africa. Online employment ensures that they have a low barrier for entry and this is because they don’t have to raise expensive capital or engage in buying expensive capital equipment to start a business. All they need to do is to have a working idea and to have a working methodology on how that idea can be implemented and grown into a full-fledged source of income.

In our online entrepreneurship training we don’t just focus on how to earn money we also focus on the withdrawal process. As expected money that cannot be withdrawn or retrieved is useless to the person earning. There are many scams online where people are told that they will earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars and yet this money is not available immediately in the accounts. This makes those ideas useless and unsustainable.

Many schemes have come and gone that are milking money from poor Africans. In our training program we focus on withdrawal methods such as Paypal, Skrill,Neteller, Ipay Africa,Mpesa and many other ways we can use to get money across. Our online program focuses on skills such as dropshipping, writing, transcription, e-book writing, marketing, affiliate marketing, virtual assistants, domain hoping, domain transfers, domain flipping and many other skills that young people could utilize and start with very little capital and make income for themselves. The focus of our training is always practical, actionable and has relevant skills that will bring food on the table.