One of our chief advantages is passion. My passion for youth empowerment is what really drives the recommendations I make towards youth empowerment in the continent of Africa. We cannot just give blanket and academic interventions to the problems that are facing Africa. We might never really get anywhere. We need to research and find out what is needed in Africa and globally then translate these into how the needs can be fulfilled by engaging as many Africans as possible.

As mentioned before one of our biggest places of concern is the balance of trade that Africa has against her trading partners.Our view is that instead of Kenya importing billions upon billions worth of goods from China we can manufacture some of these things here locally, employ local people and create local jobs. Making this money locally also saves the country a lot of forex deficit while at the same time creates an opportunity for young people in Africa.

Africa has a long history of exporting all her wealth to the Western and now Eastern nations. This happens with all the banking system owned by the western world. Africa in that sense banks from places such as London and NewYork. This means that the African is left to export cheap raw materials and import very expensive finished goods from developed and developing countries. The scenario presents an absolute disadvantaged situation for African nations. Our goal is to change this narrative.

Our passion is to bridge this gap starting with simple interventions. The most important thing in our pursuit is not that we manufacture jets, cars and tankers or sophisticated equipment. Our goal is to spur the manufacture of simple goods that we are importing unnecessarily. These include growing food, food processing, soaps, recycling of metal, floor tiles, match boxes and simple equipment such as parts for cars. These are small things that we can achieve at a level of capital. Yet if we only had millions of youth engaged in the same, we would be having a thriving African economy. At a more advanced stage we hope that Africans will be able to rise out of poverty by making more sophisticated things.