The first advantage is practicality. All ideas are geared towards practical action and things that are very easy to implement. How ideas are not alone and disconnected from the situation on the ground in Africa. We strive to make all ideas as practical and as relevant as possible to the African continent.

By practical we mean that they are cheap to start, as well as have ready demand for the services and goods produced. As a result we are confident that by so doing we are going to reach a huge number of Kenyans and Africans and thereby create less demand for imported products. By doing this practical thing we hope that we are going to improve the balance of trade between Africa and other external countries.

Because of the impracticality of the things that are taught in colleges and universities, most of the skilled professionals in Africa are never able to really create any value based on the education. We are not here to give degrees or diplomas, we are here to impact skills that can be converted into money on a day to day basis. What is our biggest advantage-practicality.