Self employment is a very tricky subject for many of today’s young people. They are many dynamics that come into play when people are considering self employment as a viable and sustainable business and livelihood source. This means that there is need for training, sensitization and coaching on key areas that are important in sustaining a business from start to finish. Training enables people to be resistant to many of the factors that bring down many startups.

Many startups struggle with issues of capital, ideas, training,  government regulation, branding, marketing and social media. These aspects are crucial for any business owner and start-up founder to have in order to succeed in the 21st century. We focus on this training that enables entrepreneurs to have a broad mind or an aspect of capital and where to get capitalization for projects. It is also possible to create capital from scratch while starting with nothing on some of the ideas that are presented and summarized in the trainings.

Many of the online training programs are accessible to youth who have a few shillings and can access a cyber cafe or a computer and accomplish a task. Meaning some of the online tasks can also be done via a smartphone.Making it even easier for young people to make an entry into the business world with zero capital.

Also central to the training is the idea stage of any business model. At the core of our training we acknowledge that any entrepreneur has to have a viable idea before they are able to engage in business and do anything that will change their lives. This is why we have a list of more than 1000 offline business ideas and about 60 online business ideas. This means that entrepreneurs, students, program managers, community leaders all can be able to give you viable alternatives to employment using HR consultancy.

Another important factor when it comes to self employment is always government regulation. We have put measures in place to ensure that our trainees are cognizant and aware of the business environment that they are engaged in at government level, local government level and regulatory level. This means that all our trainings recognize the role of regulators and the governments in making a business succeed or fail.

Finally one of the biggest influences on the success of a business in the 21st century is branding. We have entire packages on how to brand your business, on how to start your business, on how to launch your business and on how to market your business both offline and on social media. This means that our program is comprehensively able to bring up the best of all businesses from scratch.